Where it all began

Vera Wei has 18 years' experience in Chinese financial industry which spans across the central bank, commercial bank and asset management.  Vera became the youngest director in the central bank six years after graduating from Tsinghua PBC School of Finance, the best finance school in China.  Vera holds a PhD in Finance from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and acts as a mentor to its MBA programme.  Vera was senior executive in Ping An Pension Company and Greenwoods Asset Management Company, respectively China’s largest pension fund management company and China’s largest hedge fund, before deciding to build an international career by studying on the Sloan Fellowship Programme at London Business School.

During Vera’s Sloan journey which led to her graduating within MSc degree in Strategy and Leadership, Vera wrote ‘China Strategy of Leading UK Independent Schools’ after interviewing the headmasters of the top 15 UK senior schools. The research inspired Vera to apply her rich experience and insights to pursue the mission she has been most passionate about: Education. With top business leader and professor as partners and strong endorsement of London Business School, Vera set up Sloan Education London in 2014. Sloan Education offers strategic overseas education and career planning to help Chinese students improve their English skills and future career potential.

Where we are
What we offer

We place students with leading UK boarding schools and offer tutoring, interview prep, exam invigilation, guardianship services, etc.

We support leading schools in promotional events and brand recognition.

We support leading schools in promotional events and brand recognition.

Why us

We take our time to visit schools and heads and have deep knowledge of the English school system.

We take our time to understand our Chinese families and prepare them well for the challenging yet hugely rewarding journey.

We have strong marketing muscles working with government sectors, leading banks and universities like Bank of China and Tsinghua. Our strength on financial sector and listed companies is second to none in China.

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We strive to build a long term trustworthy relationship with leading schools and educational institutions and we are always willing to help.
Schools and heads are more than welcome to write Dr. Vera Wei at vera.wei@sloanedu.com about possible collaboration.


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